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Life felt a little hard when i came to the realisation that even if i burn by studying i can’t compete with those who have reservations.I am a good student nd all i want is to go to my dream college but indian education syste is so corrupt that i can’t even describe it here . I feel discriminated that why i can’t get the seat at Air 4000 but some other aspirant is getting it easily with 35000 rank. I already took a drop to clear this entrance and i did it too just in my first attempt but all in vain . I feel completely lost .my parents have very high expectations of me but i just want to sit in my room all day . I feel exhausted. some days i cant even get up from bed . I am really stressed

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It’s hard but truth general students have to live with this only because it’s not gonna end .


It feels worse when you have potential but it’s overshadowed by some resrved categories who don’t need any reservation now. they are living a very wealthy and superfluous life . Ik it won’t change but i am just shooked by india”s corrupt education system


I can understand dear i am also facing it. But we can’t do anything even talking about it people will label us with different names. The only thing we can do is hard work


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