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Raghav @raghavbudhraja10

Life-changing fat loss hack - Ideal 1st meal of the day?

Eating the right first meal will curb craving, & will keep you full all day, and will make you lose a lot of fat.
1- Cut breakfast cereals and processed foods, Make sure your breakfast contains at least 25-30-Grams of Lean protein,
2- It’s not necessary to consume all proteins just from one source, mix, and match different types of protein sources according to your preference to make sure that you eat a healthy hearty protein-rich breakfast

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3 replies
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Debanjan Saheb @debanjan_s...

Hi sir , this is Debanjan Sarkar ( 14+) weight 64

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Debanjan Saheb @debanjan_s...

Is this weight Ok for my age ? Or do i have to reduce it ?


Hello Raghav, thank you for the advise, please suggest some breakfast protein sources apart from meats and eggs please? TY

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