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library idea: i want a cozy library with lots of coffee. i want my books to be color coordinated and some to be author wise so everyone can find all the books together by their favorite author. i want the smell of coffee in the whole library. okay, not in the whole library because there might be some people who are allergic. and i want to have a small section where there are cakes, cookies, and coffee, basically all good things. I want all the genres to be there, from fantasy to thriller, then there should be a quite place with cute tables and turquoise table mats and then a section for handmade bookmarks also. i want people to come every day and every week. i want them to fall in love with the place, not only because of the books but because it speaks to them. i want them to feel the warmth and comfort. i also want the walls to be decorated with messages for aspiring writers and quotes from favorite books, some walls to be full of photos and book lists for every genre.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Oh my god!!! I’m getting excited just reading about it. Sounds so so cozy and serene. Just what I need !

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Oh my god! Check out this “illiterati cafe” It’s in Mcleodganj. It’s exactly how you described above!!! So so so beautiful. And, the view there was of snow-covered mountains (bonus!)


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