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Let’s talk about the last crush you had. I am listening.


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Korean actor’s

nice. Although I have no idea about K-pop


Jungkook is love❤ !!
Lee min-ho & jee chang wook
Also 😍😭


Aree V also
And you forget Hwang in youp
Latest one doom at your service…jab ye log hai
Logo ke prati crush kese ho paaye?😂😂😂


Arre ese to list khtm hi nhi hogii 😂😂
Mne apne bss recent wle btaye…
& Yaa, Tae is my bias wrecker!!


I had a crush and we started dating it went for two years… I was pretty serious about her but then she walked away.

ouch. Life happens I guess


It was weird. I asked her to marry me

There is someone better ig


I am so waiting for that person since I am looking for stability in my relationship

I hope you get what you desire


Dylan Minnette
(13 reasons why)

ohoooo. Celeb crush, nice.



My celeb crush katherin Langford vaise aur bhi hai but currently i like her more her eyes


I have a huge crush with my classmate when I was in junior high and it lasted about 2 years. He knows that I have a crush on him and he kinda giving me a signal that he likes me too but I’m too scared to ask him about it. I admit I kinda regret not asking him but I think its alright, sometimes things are not meant for us.

Maybe you can just tell him casually that you had a crush on him once upon a time and see how he reacts.


I can’t he’s in a relationship right now.

thats sad. 😕😕😕 Well maybe they will break up.


Its kinda sad but it is what it is. He’s happy with his relationship and I’m happy for that no hard feeling hahahah besides I know his girlfriend she is kind.

thats nice.😀

She is my classmate , short girl with charming eyes , i havent seen her for a year bcz of covid- online classes , tbh i never talked to her neither tried to approach her i always see her from a distance which obviously makes me smile despite whatever my mood is , within a month or two we will be in the final year i hope that oneday or the other we shall have a conversation before we complete PG, The irony is i even have her phone number but i never texted her , i dont know why , maybe bcz of overthinking about the consequences or something else like that lets wait and watch 🤍

Well thats about my last crush,
Unlike many I dont have crush on most of the girls i see or meet , Im 22 and Till now i had crush on 4…5 thats its and that first crush was at a college event in 2k18

even I haven’t had too many crushes. 19 years old and 3 so far


Hmm, I guess it’s time to confess. By the way I have talked to this about no one and it’s getting on my nerves since this pandemic.

There’s a girl in my locality, she stays 1 block away. She’s pretty sweet and have a very generous nature atleast that’s what my social perception skills say. Now I don’t have a crush because of the fact that she’s exceptionally beautiful. As my friends say she’s pretty average.

But because of her nature and ohhh definitely her music taste. I have found very few people having same taste as that of mine and this makes her attractive. Not only that but she doesn’t take a criticism or joke personally which is a big flex for me.
I guess I have mentioned enough, now comes the bitter part. We don’t talk, and neither do I have the courage to approach her. That is because of his friend which is really toxiccc uhhhh.

Aight, suggest me something

Just drop a casual hi to her when the toxic friend isn’t around. You never know, she might be waiting for you to take the first step. Plus in a pandemic, it’s best not to delay expression of feelings. Who knows what might happen, and you will be left with a tinge of regret.
Hope it helps.


She’s always surrounded by people, be it that toxic person or her other girlfriends, it makes difficult to initiate a talk, yesterday I did tried but was left with no opportunity. although I always look forward and have a welcoming attitude. It’s true and I had been lying if I said I would move on and have no regrets.


The last proper crush I had (not including when I’m attracted to ppl in general but a legit crush) was before lockdown 😂😭. The guy spoke to me for probably 3 hours max( over 5 to 6 days I guess) and I simped over him for almost a year. Yaa it was not good 😂😂

Awww cute


Lol thanks 😂