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Let’s say I have a bestie A. B is my other friend but A and B are bff from very long time. B is jealous or whatever it is he is under assumption sometimes is going on between me and A. So if I start sharing anything upsetting to B he immediately says sort your priorities I know what’s happening btwn u too and relates whole world with A. The issue I am having is not even with A why the dude always brings him in middle.
Recently I kind of stopped a fight in between them but no use like let it led to disturbances. I also had a fight with B and told him to just stop assuming world doesn’t revolves around A whatever happens in my life doesn’t always have to be with A. So i stopped talking to A because of B.
I don’t know what B has conveyed even A is also not talking to me. I told B that now you are happy and got what you need I am never going to talk to A ever again. He told if I ask him not to talk to you he never talks to you. That moment I felt do i really deserve this?
I miss A sometimes but I don’t think I will be able to be normal again.

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