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Let’s play worst case scenerio… (something I’ve learnt from This is Us show, you voice out your worst case about any situation or thing in your life about something that if it will become true, you know deep down you are preapared for it.)

My turn: Umm… That I’ll be married in the family who is more orthodox than my family and end up marrying someone you ain’t gave damn about my thoughts …

now your turn…

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I will end up alone forever in the house I live in rn with my parents
Parents are not gonna stay forever so I’ll be living alone with those dark narrow rooms slowly eating down my existence.

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lonliness … i got it… and I’m gonna say i know our parents aren’t gonna live forever… like them so are we… but meantime their blessings will be with us… it is always with us …


I can’t handle it… I want to enjoy the life as I want to

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okay… but it’s your time to voice out the worse of your thoughts… something worse you fear might be come true…the worst of the situation you have morphed in your mind…

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I’ll be married to someone and fall in love with them and one day she dies in an accident or due to a disease.
I don’t want to feel the same for anyone else.


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