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Let me tell you the hardest task that I have ever been given… Now I know I’ll sound stupid and funny maybe but anyways… So our instructor told us he’s going to assign us a topic that will be according to our personalities ( I mean what he actually judged so far) so I waited impatiently like oh maybe I’m going to get something like inspiring women or leadership ( as if I’m Queen Elizabeth or something😂😂 but nevermind ) and it was actually a presentation on the topic, " How to stay happy at home" and I was like can someone tell me how am I supposed to react to this… I mean am I that transparent?.. How in the world he came to know I have issues in my home🥺😂 Now let me tell you I’m not a 2nd grader… I’m doing a complicated certification and trust me this topic was soooo difficult to just organize for me because dudeeeee I really don’t know the answer… Bless me Lord please 😂😂🥺🥺 Do share yours if there is any✌️

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