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Aakifah @kifah

Learning how to love yourself and enjoying life seems so difficult and honestly has so many moments where everything just falls apart but slowly one step at a time we might get there
(Any tips on how to be happy, practice self love and enjoy life?)

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Go on a trip…get drunk on that trip and just enjoy your heart out…will help you

Aakifah @kifah

I really want to go on a trip…might plan one soon …hope it helps


Living consciously is one of the best thing I’ve done which lead to making good choices & you start deeply connect with yourself and get to know yourself better! We get excited & want to know more about other people’s life but when it comes to us we have no idea who we are! So live conscious and break out of the pattern that repeats everyday! And remember always reflect upon you choices/Action you took!

Aakifah @kifah



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