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Aman @chosenone

Learn to say no without feeling guilty.

Takers have no limits. They’ll take and take and take until you’re empty.

Love yourself. Protect your energy.  And stay away from things that drain you.

I know how it feels to say “no” and then overthink about it.

It’s not you, it’s the fear inside talking.

You have a good heart. That’s why you feel like that.

The right people will understand your reasons without a word spoken.

So, listen to your body and just say no when it tells you to.

And trust me, it’s okay.

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Anshika verma @amairakhan

❤️so true that happens with me everytime

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But how do we stop overthinking? Every time I say no or do something, guilt is always there even though it not that serious to even think about it. And I end up overthinking it and make a worst scenario in my mind.

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Aman @chosenone

There is a process to it not an answer.


Huh ?


I am really struggling these days with yet another failed relationship


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