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Latest I’ve been feeling trapped. Like there is no escape, no place where I can run and even if I find that place, even if I want to leave… I can’t leave without either damaging myself or the people around me .

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Y @intrusive

You have to choose whether you want your peace or you dont want to hurt others and trust me hurting others is okay … We all do everything for selfish reasons only


No matter how much we try to escape from this cruel broken life, at the end we have to face the REALITY.

Doesn't matter @mini_3

What society might think of you doesn’t matter…I mean it does but not as much as you should matter to yourself. If you feel like you have made a wrong decision or feel trapped…get out of it. I bet it wouldn’t be easy but at the end it will be worth it. Free yourself from it. Life is too short to not know your worth or to just live with it. It’s your responsibility to be happy. Take care . I hope things get better


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