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Makayla @suave_whistle_6

Lately things have been the hardest they have ever been. I moved in completely with my mom about 4 months ago, i usually only visited once a week. I lived with my dad or my grandparents. I decided i could no longer live with my dad due to his gf. So i mostly lived with my grandparents, that was hard because it is not their responsibility to raise me, it is my parents. So i switched to online school and moved in with my mom. I am so used to being surrounded by family, but when im there i feel so empty inside. I am no longer able to see the people i saw almost everyday as much, only about 1 time a month. My dad never really listened to my feelings until today. I am visiting my grandparents and he stopped by. As he was leaving I went outside and i was balling my eyes out. I told him everything, he listened and understood. And i understood he couldn’t do anything about his gf due to the fact he would have no place to stay if they broke up. He isn’t working right now because of his back that isn’t healed yet. So he can’t just leave because he put all of his money into her house. I just really need my dad rn but idk what to do.Ik this is a lot but i wanted to see what others had to say.

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anuj @anujvohra

Must be tough mentally and emotionally. How are you coping up.


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