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Lia @leelia

Lately i’ve been getting out of my comfort zone, doing things that make me nervous but that i realized are worth the anxiety. Everything i never did before bc it just was more comfortable not to, everything i was just too afraid of, yea living was easier but i felt so empty inside and i slowly started to lose myself. I distanced myself from people cuz i was afraid of getting hurt, i only did what i was told to and when i wasn’t told to do anything i’d do nothing at all, spend my day locked inside my room waiting for time to pass, and for what? i wasn’t even planing on doing anything the next day either. Now i feel alive again, i feel something, right now it’s happiness tomorrow it might be pain or sadness but i’d rather experience that than numbness. I always thought all i wanted was to live quietly, that it’d be better if people barely noticed my existence and when that finally happened i realized i was completely wrong and that was exactly everything i didn’t want. I wanna live in the present, i wanna meet people and i want people to meet me and get to know me, i will no longer live like a ghost, as if i didn’t exist. I won’t do that anymore, now i finally feel like me again.

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Hey, thank you for sharing this wid us. It made me smile. More power to you 😊


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