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Lately I have been starting to the gym and i also started having healthy meals everyday. Though I am not much of a cook, I have been starting to look at protein and vitamin filled recipes. Though I am happy at losing weight I am also scared at what people would think of me and my drastic changes throughout my face and body. I am happier, sure. But happiness comes at a price. Lately I have been struggling with lack of sleep and my muscles aching from the hours I had spent at the gym. I am afraid of what my friends would think of me. They know nothing of this. I have also started using skincare products because I spotted a pimple around the side of my nose. I want to take good care of myself. I always try to think happy thoughts. That’s hard to do though. Because of my new daily routine I have had no time to to the things I love, like reading a book or going to the new coffee shop in town. When I see people they only ever point out the things I’m doing wrong and never what I am doing right. Though I decided to meet my small group of friends, I am scared. Will they be happy for me? Will they be mad? Will they say how it isn’t fair for me to have something good happen to me? This has happened before. Last year when we went out for karaoke. It was my turn to sing a song and throughout my whole life I was told by my family and others that I had a pleasant singing voice. Though when I went up there my friends all looked mad and said I was terrible. I am afraid to repeat these turn of events. I don’t want to say my friends are jealous because I do not want to sound like a bad friend.

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If you are concerned that your friends would be jealous of the new developments in your life that you are committing so wholeheartedly to, its time to think about better friends. You should not feel guilty about indulging in self care and exploring new ways of doing that. But i would suggest, bringing this up in front of them and seeing their reaction. Who knows the might be more supportive than you think? it seems this is more in your head than anything else. But, only do this if and when you are comfortable and ready.:)

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Rather than thinking about your friends so much, think about yourself. Are you enjoying gymming? If not, either enjoy the struggle or enjoy the process. To enjoy the process, change the way to lose weight! Fitness is an essential part of life, but not life! Correct balance is the key!


think about your self and nothing else

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Any medical students?.
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