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Napkin @lovely_napkin

Lately I feel like I have no friends, I had a group but they started acting really selfish and I felt like I don’t belong there, I left that group, no friends, just my boyfriend, I love him to the core but I need some friends, it’s not like I am alone alone, I talk to everyone but I don’t have that friend circle kinda group, and now I don’t know it feels a necessity to have a group, I tried but I don’t feel like making new friends

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Aisa kyu mitr

Neeraj Basole @neeraj_2194

I am too looking for friends…we connect


ReConnect with college friends or connect here. You will find decent people hopefully


not a friendship coach but ive learnt something very valuable in college. friendship is a delusion. it only exists where believe it exists. you let loose and don’t judge the person in front of you, you make a friends. the moment you start judging, you end up hating everyone and become friendless. you say you have selfish friends. selfish doesnt always mean loose tongued. often the most trustworthy people bite your back and often the most selfish people help you when you ask for their help. if you don’t take risks and let your guard down, you’ll never make mistakes/friends.


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