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β€ΊSelf Esteemβ€ΊThought


Last year my friend offered me to make a logo design that it was even getting paid but of course, my self-doubt said hi and I was afraid if I didn’t meet their expectation so I refused it. The same thing happened over and over again, I still don’t know how to cope with self-doubt.

Today, I did the exact same mistake. Another asked me to be in the design team, but I passed it to another person as again I was feeling not confident at all. I was feeling anxious all the way home because I knew I did the same mistake yet I still have no idea how to handle that kind of situation. I have some of my works but I never make it as a portofolio because I feel like it’s not good enough to be put in.

How do you cope with anxious, feeling not confident, and self-doubt? It’s really hard to trust myself anymore. Thank you.

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I feel the same way.


I also hate myself to the point that I feel like I am not worthy of being anything, and that I’m incompetent. But I wanted to change that, I felt more crap after missing oppurtunities because of my self doubt.

I tried so hard to be a little open, even just toward those that I’m very close with. I tried showing the things I like and what I think, but most of the times I would sit and think β€œI should have kept those to myself”.

I’m trying small ways to at least be confident of what I am, but there will always be setbacks. Maybe you can try your own small ways? I hope you find liberation from anxiety :).


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