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Last year I broke up with my bf Sanju whom I have been dated for 3years. After that i want to focused on study and join library where I met with One of my ex frnd whose name is abhishek and he became my good day he proposed me and I couldn’t say him No. He knew everything about my past. Sanju is trying hard to keep the things normal and start a fresh friendship,I also keep missing him bt i know we have no future he is belonging from other cast nd my family is very conservative about casts and love marriage. Each and everyday my siblings
taunt me that i will run away and do married with a lower cast as I am a daughter of priest. That’s why I broke up with sanju .he loves me so much and also I do. But for my father’s prestige and honour I did that.but the things get complicated
jesa Sochi thi wesa hua ni…last week sanju’s father died.I try to talk to him but he scold me nd forbid to msg and call. He said that after death anyone shows sympathy and he don’t need it. I want to meet with him and again start a new friendship. I am feeling very guilty and sad. I told my present bf Abhishek that I worry about sanju.He get angry with me… both sanju and abhishek dont want to talk with me…Don’t know what to do. Is it right to patch up with him and broke up with Abhishek. I messed up the things. Feeling very blue and lonely. Don’t decide what to do.

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Hey buddy! I know it feels so bad when someone’s parents dies and especially for those whom you know so much. And eventually you want to talk to them . It’s a generous human nature. You ex sanju said those things to you because he is upset and Abhishek said because he thought you don’t love him. But the thing you’re confused about is what you have to answer by yourself. Talk to you heart and listen what it wants because in the end heart wants what it wants. You can’t be with someone if you don’t feel happy about it. No one can force you. Ask yourself and do whatever you feels right 😃


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