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Last year I broke up with my bf whom I have been dated for 3years. After that i want to focused on study and join library where I met with One of my ex frnd and he became my good day he proposed me and I could say him No. He knew everything about my past. My ex is trying hard to keep the things normal. I also keep missing him bt i know we have no future he is belonging from other cast nd my family is very conservative about casts and love marriage. Today my ex’s father is death. I try to talk to him but he scold me nd forbid to msg and call. But I missing him a lot. Don’t knw what to do. Is it right to patch up with him and broke up with the present bf. I messed up the things. Feeling very blue and lonely. Don’t decide what to do.

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igottabekidding... @heartonthesleeve

I understand you are in quite a complicated situation. However, the only thing you need to do is figure out your real feelings for your current partner. If you still don’t feel like you have healed from your past relationship, it is never advisable to start another relationship. It will not only be hard for you, but it will also be confusing for your current partner who is “trying hard to keep things normal” in your case.
Right now, don’t care about your past at all. You tried your best to be there for your ex who lost his father. It is a huge loss and right now it would be extremely wrong to mess with his mental state. He has clearly asked you not to contact him. Please don’t. You tried and your part is over for now.
Figure out your feelings for you current partner and see if you can continue with him. If not, I suggest you take a break from being in a relationship. Concentrate on sorting out your feelings and do not engage in trying to mend relationships. You need a break completely for yourself and neither of the boys you mentioned. Ultimately it is about you and not them. Don’t hold any guilt for happened or what will happen. Do not prioritize your relationships for now because you are not yet sure about either of them. You need to heal from the past relationship and think honestly about the current one.


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