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Last night we didn’t talk to each other , she wasn’t online and i checked her message every time but everytime i got nothing. I thought might be she was sick and i was thinking she might have a problem but i totally shocked when i see her outside my house, roaming with her friends. There were 4 2 girls and 2 boys,after seeing that i was totally numb. I want time to be freeze i want to see her as much i can but noone is superior than time. Why i am growing soo much feeling for her even she has no time to reply my message . What if i could save that feelimgs and give to that one who deserve. Why i am putting water into sand,My life is like waiting a ship in a airport. I know i will get nothing she wont be mine but why still i have positive feelings for her? And i have to stop it before it creates any problem in my life. . .

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Hey pal!

You know, I kinda understand you.
You have this feeling inside you and you want it to go away but it doesn’t. It like making you attract more towards her.

you know, if you really want to get her out of your mind, you need to actually stop talking to her, remove her from your social media accounts, and maybe just delete her number.

if you really want to forget her, you will have to start taking some of these steps. Focus your attention and concentration on something productive. It will be hard and you even would have dreams about her but gradually you will stop remembering her and you will understand that she was not worth it.

I hope you are able to get over her soon!!


Thanks buddy nowdays am feeling more energetic it been 7 mnths i stopped talking to her and i understood she wasn’t meant to be mine. . . .


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