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Last night, I started cutting again. It was just an urge and I didn’t really have a reason. I just wanted to do it again because of the feeling it gave me. I was on the call with my boyfriend and I didn’t want to tell him but I did hiss a lot and he did keep asking what happened. I told him it was just hang nails, which he believed. I couldn’t tell him because I had promised I wouldn’t do it again. I got the urge when his best friend asked me what to do to get his girlfriend to start cutting. I asked him if he had talked to her, and he told me she tells him everything. I then told him that if the talking isn’t helping, he could try to ask her to promise not to do it for a period of time, like starting off for a week. He then told me thanx and handed me back to my boyfriend. My boyfriend didn’t think much of it, but I had my thoughts about cutting then.

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Simran @st1199

From the conversations we had in past, has it improved since then? Is your counselor helpful? Are you able to control this habit of cutting again and again and not lying to your boyfriend and even your counselor?

I guess not, right? You just wish to cut for no reason because it has become a habit and deep inside you don’t want it to end, so you do it even in the slightest way possible to complete the urge. Try keeping the sharp objects/knife far from you. Just don’t have it with you except needed (eating/work-related) and stop yourself from going towards it and trying to use it.


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