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Last night i asked someone do you ever urge to kill your self and that person replied “no I don’t, but i know you do, and you do cut yourself with blades and whatever” i was gonna deny it but then that person cut me and said “i am not a kid i know you do” and guess what today we all were chatting and laughing and that person taunted me in response to my joke in front of everyone that “should i tell everyone what you were talking about yesterday” and that thing made me silent i was wondering why do i ever think to confine into her and open myself out…

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Puja @meeehh

Ik that bud…for a second we’ll open our mind and will thinks finally someone understand me …but next second they do something cheap… everytime this is how i feel. I have a lot of friends but i don’t trust anybody and ik it’s so hard to keep somethings to ur self at bad times…now i just imagine someone i and talk to them atleast they don’t judge


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