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Arun @arun

Last 3-4 months were really struggling and I thought what for I am living… Days passed months passed and a complete quarter passed, the fear of “what if” is now evaporating… Life seems to be coming back on track…

My life was full of struggle…I joined my father’s business when I was 17… It seems as if life is running in fast forward…I was 22 at the time of marriage…25 when our families separated and all responsibility of my wife and my daughter called on my head…

Years passed without any rest… Always thinking what may happen, what if… now I am 46 and now I feel God gives problems to those who can overcome it… He has been very kind and he gave me solutions too…

Last quarter was deadly but I have not left living…

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I am proud of you! And you did so great! You are so strong. I wish you all the luck and happiness ahead! Please never loose hope, life gets better as we move ahead.
Good wishes!


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