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Kind of in love with a boy who doesn’t see any future with me… though he says he loves me but family is always his priority… desperately trying to move on…but is that even easy… always in a cycle of misery maybe that’s what I will get from it… moving on is what I wish to do but I Only could suffer without any reason

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Abhi @trustworthy4u

Move on karna is never easy so take your time.


Remember, it’s not the end of the world. Take your time.


I am boy and I am like your bf. I hope your are not talking about me here. I can’t stop my heart from loving her nor I can stand up to my family for her. I know I am not good enough but thanks for loving me still. Its hard to move on. I could not last a day without texting her, so I don’t know how I am gonna live a life without her. Desperate for love but coward for life. 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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stranger @stranger_00

Then y r u wasting u r time

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Joy @joyforlife

Here you will get many opinion about this and maybe you don’t like mine so please don’t mind.
But as I think, is this a good thing or bad that you love a guy who stands with his family even if he loves you?
Family should always be the priority, and he is brave enough so that he said it directly to you, without even thinking to take advantage of your true love.
He clarified himself in a better way in front of you. The actual problem is that you are not ready to accept the reality. But in my opinion you should respect his decision and try not to leave him alone.
Either you will get your love a day or you will have a loyal friend forever. Win win situation for you. Just be relaxed and don’t expect too much ✌🏻


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