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Karma isn’t just the negative energy that you spread to other people, it isn’t just the wrong you do to them, it’s the wrong you do to yourself too. Karma is any negative energy you let out into this universe. If you walk out of the house thinking ‘my day will go horribly’ , then there is nothing on this planet that will strive to prove you wrong. Your perspective towards things, your demeanor towards things is what defines your day; what goes around comes around. It’s the main reason why people press on how crucial it is to try and stay positive, because it has greater impacts than we anticipate. One can start by thinking about stuff they’re grateful for, and they’ll come to realise the beauty around them that they’ve been overlooking.

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So beautifully expressed! I 100% agree to this. What you can dream, you can achieve. It’s all about positive manifestation!


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