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Mann @mann1317

Kar Longa Jama Daulat o Zar Uske Baad Kia
Le Longa Shandaar Sa Ghar Uske Baad Kia

Mai Ki Talab Jo Hogi Tou Ban Jaounga Main Rind
Kar Longa Maikadon Ka Safar Uske Baad Kia

Hoga Jo Shouq Husn Se Raaz o Niyaz Ka
Kar Longa Gaisooun Mein Sahar Uske Baad Kia

Shair o Sukhan Ke Khoob Sajaounga Mehfilen
Dunya Mein Hoga Naam Magar Uske Baad Kia

Mouj Aayegi Tou Sare Jahan Ki Karonga Sair
Wapas Hi Purana Nagar Uske Baad Kia

Aik Roz Mout Zeest Ka Dar Khatkhataye Gi
Bujh Jaye Ga Chiraagh e nazar Uske Baad Kia

Uthi Thi Khaak , Khaak Se Mil Jaye Gi Wahein
Phir Uske Baad Kis Ko Khabar Uske Baad Kia

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