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rohit garg @rohietg

Just when you start trusting someone, they come out with a concealed theory about you. Can a guy not have a good girl-friend? Why does there have to be an angle that either one of us wants something? And why do girls feel they are being used as the guy likes talking to them? Because it happens the other way round too and I don’t feel that. Isn’t that being a hypocrite?

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rohit garg @rohietg

But that’s the thing. There were no expectations from my side. I liked talking to her, she did the same. Else you get the vibe no that one of us doesn’t want to talk.

That was it. I had no other intentions.

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rohit garg @rohietg

I don’t know. Actually we both connected remotely where we used to work somehow. And we got to talking. And since then we talk almost daily. Texting goes on almost everyday and when we call we usually talk for 3-4 hours. But one of her friends told her why wouldn’t he ask to meet you. I mean I agree guys usually ask to meet up but this was something we both agreed with and we didn’t feel the need to meet each other. And her friend suggests that I’m using her in some way.


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