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wena_ chan @kekekekekkeke

Just wanna vent my feelings here since I don’t have anyone to share these with. So yeah, I’m very nervous today eversince that email from a certain school I applied to saying that I didn’t make it to their final screening. Its disappointing to be exact since its my last option. Its my last chance because I also failed on the others. I don’t know what’s wrong or maybe I’m too dumb to be accepted by them. And its frustrating since I keep worrying about " what if I can’t find any universities to apply to? What will happen then? Will I disappoint my parents again?" Things like that. Like every negativity came in and whatever I do to keep thinking of positive things, negativity still wins. I don’t know what to do anymore and I started cramming. I started trying to schools so far away from my place and I don’t know what consequences will it give me. My parents won’t say it but I know that they are disappointed cause even me is disappointed about myself too. Any advice for me? Something that will make me calmer.

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Ankit prasad @draken11kun


Try to meditate…and don’t worry this happened with Me also back then

wena_ chan @kekekekekkeke


Yeah, maybe I’ll try it then. Hope it’ll work. I’m really nervous and I won’t seem to calm down. Anyways thanks.


I would start by asking myself why. Why you wanted to apply in the first place? What did you wanted to achieve by entering a university, is it something you can work on in a different way ( maybe getting an internship or trying different jobs ), or did you apply because that is what you are supposed to do? I think the first place to look is within yourself to try to figure out your next steps. Life isn’t easy, none of us would be here if it was. But we must learn to take it as it is and try to make the best we can out of what we have.

Take it from someone who has ben rejected from university positions many times.


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