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Just turned 23 last month, single since I was born, never dated anyone, never be romantically close to someone in particular, never had a relationship, zero experience in those kinds of stuff.

I wonder what it feels like to be in love and be loved back.

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junk DNA @tum

This is just common problem this Day’s. Because of couple hysteria everywhere.
And it also depends upon external factors beyond your control (physical/environment etc)

And you are not gonna die in next two days (yes there is possibility but less)

So chill… See if you get someone worth loving…

Feeling depressed or stressing over won’t take you anywhere…
If you are too much into this… Start interacting with lots of ppl

That’s how it works!! No golden rule for anything

All the best

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B @laviii

Okay so let me tell you, everyone says that love is the most beautiful feeling, yes it is, but when it fades from one side it makes you numb, you’ve alot to say but you can’t, your voice won’t come out your throat will feel choked everytime you try to forget them or get over them, it’s easy to fall in love, but staying in it and making it work is soo tough


Ahahhha you just like me:)

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B @laviii

Yeah, but the only difference is that I’ve got my heart broken so i know how it feels, that’s the reason I expressed it the way it may have helped you


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