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Lia @leelia

Just something random i worte lol (idk why there’s a trigger warning i can’t take it off)

how you’ve been ?
i’m still the same as back then
loving you is all that i can
and i see you in all those faces
you’ve left too many traces
and i hate everything about me
whenever i’m with someone else
cuz I’ll never feel the same with them
nothing will go back to how it used to be
cuz there won’t be more of you and me

how you’ve been?
i’m still the same as back then
i can’t put a period nor an end

we were ruined by insecurities and fear
but i realized that I’d rather bleed to death with you
then not to have you near
so if you still want
we can do everything we planned
we can escape and withstand

but nothing is all it meant


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Kushagra @kushgpt



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