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Just something I wrote about what I’ve been feeling;
Nothing stays if you no longer stay, tell me you won’t leave, what happened? if you and I, in the past, I feel like we were once more, but today you’re leaving. If this full moon you will take away from me, tell me that while looking at her you’ll remember me, tell me you love me because I know you love me and although you should, you won’t forget me. I confess that you hurt me, you haven’t left yet and I already miss you. I won’t cry but the pain is all over my face, I kept it to myself and I dressed it up as love. So many nights I stayed awake because of you, I tried to get better but it only got worse. But you know how I’ll remember you? As my first kiss, I’ll carry you. I keep the moments, the songs… and… I’m sorry, but even if it hurts me I won’t forget you.
Because even if our roses die, I know very well that spring will come even if we are not together, when it no longer hurts. I would like to talk to you even though it might hurt, I’d rather experience pain than leaving and becoming two strangers. I’m so good at loving you more while saying that I want you less, I spend too many nights trying to forget you while i saw the half-filled glass breaking. A tired heart pretending it forgot you, tired of waiting, tired of this love… How many roses are you going to wither? we sow a garden of jealousy, you gifted me the skies but it was in my eyes that it rained.

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