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Just so done with my parents

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Any reason in specific? They can seem a nag and a pain at times, but I’m sure they love and care about you x

Kh @cloud9

they’re over possessive,they don’t let me out. All they care about is what other people are gonna think about them if they send me out and shit like that man it’s so freaking annoying.
I’m so done.
Nvm it’s not gonna help talking abt it here.😞


Yeah it can be a pain having over possessive parents. My mum can be quite so. I had to sit them down and explain to them, very calmly to avoid argument, how it was perceived on my side. It’s better than them not caring at all. It can’t be easy but we don’t choose our family. Be proud of them, and adapt to them, and they will too. Sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear, but that is unfortunately the truth. There’s only so much you can do. Do your best and they will meet you in the middle so long as you communicate.


I can understand. I feel the same sometimes.

Sometimes parents don’t give space to children, its crazy

ak @achint

I feel the same. I feel they’ve stopped caring. And the worst part, i do stuff to punish them too, but i end up punishing myself more. It’s kind of self destructive. I am hating everything about my life rn. And its so hard to think i am an individual identity. Sending love 🙂


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