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I am a 50+ year old male, married for 20+ years, and most of the time always feeling lonely and depressed.

Because I have been treated indifferently so far by my mother - who can be called more a step-mother than a mother. I never had seen/heard her talking anything positive or even neutral - only negative, negative and negative words towards almost all, including me, except towards one or two persons chosen by her. [My (late) father was 10 years older than my mother; both of them were school teachers, hence I got good education.]

She lost her mother during early days, and her father re-married, and hence my mother had no actual mother but a step mother. Recently I am beginning to understand that that’s the reason for her behavior, but how can I leave it behind and begin to live “my” life at least from now on?

I am feeling afraid to stand up on my own. I find it difficult to come out from my past and start living in the present.

Although the internet is abound with free advice, I think I am in need of a personal counsellor.

How do I cheer myself up and start a living? Do you have a recommendation for an online group in order to participate in a healthy way? I have plenty of free time on my hand to spare.

Since I am fond of self-help books, any suggestions for books on self-healing - particularly related to my situation - would be appreciated too.

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Xyz @aamisha

Hey. Firstly I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. I’m not really a reader, but there’s this one book “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman and that book literally changed my perspective towards life. It has made me an entirely different person today. It tells you how human psychology works, why we react how we react. It’s simply beautiful. I really hope that could help you. I’ll let you know if I find more such books!
Take care. :)


Thank You, Aamisha, for chiming in with a recommendation. I will definitely go through it.

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