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Broda @broda

Just joined this app cause I couldn’t sleep. It’s been a few days since I’ve gotten a proper nights sleep. Not sure if it’s cause of the exam stress or the creeping depressing coming up again. Whatever it is, I’m hoping I’ll get over it.

So here’s a hi to all the beautiful people on this app. Will be putting daily thoughts as well as helpful mental health tips.
Hoping to join a few communities and find like minded people.
Also a request to keep this true and if there are any fake profiles then please don’t approach.

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can relate, i could sleep just fine but ever since my vacations started there just sth that keeps me up at night. maybe its cus i haven’t seen my girlfriend in 2 months but i still talk to her and things are just fine but every night i feel nauseous and out of breath for no reason

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