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Just going to use this space to vent about men. I HATE MEN. I hate them. Specially the one I have feelings for. What the fuck do they think of themselves? That they can do anything they wish to? Talk nicely when they want to and then fucking ignore you for days when they don’t want to talk to you? How tf do they get so much audacity. You do as much as you want for a man, you will never feel appreciated enough.

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AWOMEN. I would’ve said amen but nah xD
Men are stupid, trust me. They’re pretty dumb and immature, except a few. I don’t hate on men but I sure as hell know they can get on my nerves really fast, but what I do is remind myself that they’re just less mature than i am, and I can’t really blame them. Trust me, they aren’t worth the stress they give you <3


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