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Just felt like sharing this with you guys
There was a boy who has been rejecting me since long like it has been 5 i was like ahh my life I don’t even has a chance to love my family akka friends and relatives are toxic what am I the only who don’t the feeling of love …i confessed my feeling for him over 7 times in these past 5 years and the answer was always a no …now he is a relationship…be is regretting a lot that he said no to me …
And i finally decided to move on
Finally i am in the world of love …the man …my man he cares for me a lot he was there for me even when I am at my worst …to be Frank I did a Suicide attemp in my past because my life was so exausting …but now I want live my life without any regrets …all the credits goes to the man who made me feel comfortable and confident about myself …soo what I was trying to say is no matter how much pain you are suffering with its not perminent…just try to overcome everything…u gonna lead a life which is filled with joy and love
Don’t ever take the decisions which you are going to regret in future

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Pushkar @pushkar254

Nice to hear you story . Hope it act as a inspiration to others

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