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just a little rant about my fav person:
I find you so interesting and unique, hanging out with you always leaves me thinking, it makes me want to reflect. It’s almost like I want to study you and analyze your personality, I could write an entire research paper on you. It’s not even like you’re a mysterious kind of person, you’re actually the opposite I would say, incredibly transparent and very see-through. Maybe it’s the way you say things and how the small actions feel huge whenever it’s you. I love the way you project your ideas and carry yourself, I’m in love with your thought process. You’re the definition of a work in progress, far from perfect but beautifully building up itself. Your steps might be slow and short but it’s the consistency that makes them noticeable. I feel like you’re the kind of person to be very deeply impacted by the small things, the details that compose the most daily/ routine actions, the way you execute them is what makes them so meaningful. I feel like those small actions impact you a lot as well and those are the ones to set a before and after, you might think it’s stupid to feel proud of them (which trust me it’s not, it’s a huge thing) but you’re aware that it is an accomplishment. You’re such an emotionally intelligent person and that might be because you’re an overthinker, I feel like you’ve constantly got an internal monologue and you’re always reflecting on things unconsciously, something that despite its negative side makes you grow intellectually and emotionally and I find that admirable. Just like I said you were deeply impacted by the small actions in a positive way you’re also easily hurt by the small things. That’s why it might always feel like for every step forward you take you take two steps back, because you get easily discouraged by negative responses. You’re very emotionally driven and sensitive. You’re very aware and always willing to better yourself and make things right, that is what I find the most inspirational about you. You being you is when you influence those around you positively the most. I love to be able to see how daily, little by little, and throughout the years everday you’re becoming a bit more you. It’s beautiful to see, truly, it’s like watching a pretty flower bloom. I wish you’d stop questioning “why” so much, I wish you’d understand that things don’t have to be perfect and if they’re not that’s not on you to blame, you’re doing just fine. To me you’re everything that’s right, to me your existence it’s so important, very meaningful, so is everyone else’s but, idk how to explain it but everything you do seems so meaningful and i don’t even think you mean for it to be that way but it always comes across so powerfully. Seeing you smile and do well overflows me with joy, I can’t help but feel proud. Words can’t capture your essence and i could go on and on forever but it doesn’t take much more than seeing you walk through the door to know what a huge existence you truly are. I trust you more than anyone else, I have so much faith in you, I could bet it all on you. I’ll always think of you with pride bc i’ve seen how far you’ve come and i can’t wait to see how far you’ll go <3

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Ricky @ricky_

Beautifully written:)

Take care 🧡


because you get easily discouraged by negative responses.


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