Just a gratitude post. I have had anxiety for such a long time. I have suffered so much. The thing is mental illness can’t be seen by other people like physical illness/injury; although a psychiatrist or therapist can help you with mental illness but they can’t understand how much you are suffering unless they have experienced it themselves, no one can. Lately my anxiety and depression have significantly reduced and I was so much used to chaos in my mind all the fucking time it feels kind of strange to have peace in there. But I just love it. I still have bad days and sometimes I get into spirals of unnecessary overthinking but now I can get out of it by working through the emotions. I am just peaceful and thankful ❤❤ that I have come a long way. Also when I was suffering the people near me my friends and family they were treating me like it was nothing and I am overreacting or I just want attention, but man only I know how much I have suffered, it’s fair though because only a person who has gone through it can understand it. If anyone reading this comes across a person having anxiety, plz don’t try to help them, just be there for them, the more you try to help the more you worsen it, the most help you can do is to suggest them to go to a therapist. So be kind be awesome be grateful be human. Peace out✌.

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I’m really glad that you are grateful and at peace with yourself. I have neither experienced mental illness before in my life nor had anyone close to me suffer from it either, but in case this happens in the future, I’ll make sure to be there for the person no matter what. You’re an inspiration.


So happy for you! It’s amazing to know that you’re in a much better place now.
Trust me, for the ones who didn’t understand you and said that you were overreacting were just ignorant people. What you felt, your pain, your anxiety, all of it is valid and it matters. I hope you know that! ❤️

Pray that life continues to send you amazing blessings and is filled with immeasurable happiness and infinite peace! ☺️

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Anxiety at night is worse before sleeping.