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just a few days ago, quarantine was getting the better of me. i had started crying because i felt really low on motivation and inspiration. i didn’t feel creative at all. i felt suffocated and unproductive. i was really frustrated and so naturally, it was nice to cry it out. now i do feel much better. i caught up with a few of my close friends, talked to them about what happened. it was as if i had become more of a social person. usually, when i talk to people, i get really exhausted and it drains my energy. but having the luxury to talk to good people, especially during a time when i’m not able to go out and actually meet them, gave me a much more positive outlook on how life is right now. how i’m so lucky to be staying in the comfort of my home, with my family, with the internet, being able to share how i feel. so yeah, i feel better and more importantly, inspired.

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i completely understand what you meant by the exhaustion sometimes felt by socially interacting, i feel that too. i think it’s really good you cried it out, bc i think letting it out like that can be really releasing and refreshing and i’m happy you feel better after doing that and opening up to your friends! i hope you keep feeling motivated and inspired in this time, but also don’t be down on yourself if you have the down day’s where you just don’t feel motivation. most people are going through the same thing as this is a weird weird time, and you know you have the power within you to overcome it and get the inspiration and motivation back. good luck with it all i wish you the best


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