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Long Distance RelationshipThought


Jst wanted to write it down…I want him to care me like i do…like he shud have a feeling to hug me tyt whenever he feels down or just give a pek on my cheeks when he want to express his love…but this guy always says that he dont knw to express his luv thru phone😶…wat dont knw, he can jz say luv u or like tel me when he feels to hug or see me or jst write down a paragraph 4 me…hehe…he is more realistic i guess…anyways i luv him so much💖

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Hello ❤️
U know what, don’t take it in a negative way but some people are like that. Not much expressive on chats. But believe me I know such people and they are way more jolly if u meet them in person. And someone who’s not much expressive is way more better than someone who’s faking it. He’s a keeper, trust me ❤️
Cheers ✌️


Thank you for ur reply🙂…this made me calm down❤


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