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Jst had a breakup…till today din have the courage …was in a confusion wethr or not to…i felt that our relationshp was not a genuine 1 both of us wer tired of each othr…even if we marry it wont go well…i always felt he had some toxic traits…my instinct always signalled me that this was not gonna b gud…but my heart used to always ignore it…i dont knw wat feeling i have now…i still luv him…but i m jst done wid this…throughout the relationshp i had this confusion wether this guy wud be gud 4 me…i havent felt that pure feel of luv frm him… I dont knw wethr its a ryt decision or not…i will miss him…anyway watever comes up shud b dealt with…

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jay @jay12

Ya you should stay strong girl


It’s ok … life has much more good things waiting for you ❤️…it will definitely be okay after few days


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