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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

Joy of being imperfect-
There doesn’t exist any pleasure in realise of imperfect,for people its other way around,somewhat it is it is pleasure of chaos that they misname/misunderstand and most people are enjoying it only/in this zone only and also for further information I can add that that yes for women it exists/might exist because they feel freedom from some sort of bondage during such chaotic expressions of them and for further information I can will add that its very natural for them knowing that this is not the place for them from the very first moment while for men such chaotic expression doesn’t undergo any such subconscious awareness.the origin of such thing was meant for solace of people and now men have turned it into a validation for their chaotic satisfaction while women are deluded by it being an piece of knowledge suppressing their inner conscience of β€˜knowing’ its not their place.
But I am not denying any possibility that the pleasure of imperfect can’t exist,it can exist even for slightest stimuli for example if someone is going under womenhood(neurali),if he/she accepts and appriciates the stimuli of someone liking/praising it(imperfections/chaotic expression),he/she can express imperfections/chaotice expressions and might enjoy it.

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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam


*by neurali I mean in a way of being(I mean broken in moments)


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