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Isha @issa

Journey to self love is really tough but it’s worth it…
Last year I got specs but I never really liked wearing them. I used to think people would call me nerd or shit so I mostly avoided 'em.
But this resulted in increase of my eyesight number, I was strictly prescribed to wear glasses regularly…I was super pissed.
I used to hate the way I look with glasses even though I knew the consequences I still avoided it. One day I was getting ready in front of my mirror with my glasses on and I was like ‘yeah I look pretty good’ I accepted the reality ‘it is what it is’
I started putting on specs and trust me when I say that people don’t really care about you!!
No one ever told me that I look weird or ugly even if someone did I know what was best for me!!
Obviously it was not a one day journey but it was worth it …accepting your the self is really important!!!

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Rash Kap @ras90

Very true … khud se pyaar krna is the most imp thing in life … keep on doing it and everything else will follow


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