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Jealousy, Something that starts controlling my actions and the way I act and react upon things. it’s the thing that makes me hate them and try to be better than them. It is something that radiates negative energy towards my attitude and behaviour.

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It is extremely common for people to feel jealous, but what’s important is to remind yourself that your competition is not other people, it’s yourself, your limits, your previous habits. This might sound generic but it’s the truth, you are the only thing you should be focusing on. Once you realise this, you realise your worth too. But don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this :)

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A certain level of jealousy is only natural but one must recognize when it becomes toxic.

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Jealousy comes from comparison and insecurities. If you feel jealous constantly, the only way to get over it is to focus on yourself. Self love and boosting your self esteem will help you overcome it.

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