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Koshaa @koshaa

Jab aap har roz ke struggle se haar maan chuke ho… health, opportunity kho chuke ko… Aapke aas paas ka har insaan (kya apne kya praaye) aapko feel kra rha ho ki tum ek bojh ho bas, jab jeene ka maksad, iccha, source, confidence aap kho chuke ho phir bhi jeene ka housla kaise laaye??
Please koi jwaab de

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apne uss andar ki aag ko na bujhaye kisi aur ke liye nahi apko apne liye jeena hai. agar usko tum bojh lagte ho toh woh uski problem hai tumhari nahi. just stay positive and keep going. kuch toh log kahenge logo ka kaam h kehna

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Koshaa @koshaa

Thank you so much.

Aditya @aditya0

You must start to love yourself first. Be with the person of a kind as you, if you do not find any befriend with your own mind. People will make you feel bad(they will always ), you have to find the answers why they are treating your such way. if there are no answers then find one and start changing from yourself. Do not lose hope.  Much support to you. Most important take care of yourselves.

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Koshaa @koshaa

Thank you so much for your kind words.


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