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I’ve tried everything from blogging to intraday trading to make money online, I earn lyk 10k/month but not able to keep up with it due to other problems. Am a digital marketer, trader, blogger and have experience in online fields, this is a platform for sharing problems and getting solutions, I hope I can getva solution to make lyk 6-10 lakhs per month coz am in need of it due to some emergency, can anyone suggest me anyway to pull this off in online or offline am willing to put in 1000% of my efforts 
Ppl who have the idea or know how to do it lets connect, plz , let this platform be not only for sharing problems but also to get reasonable solutions

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Hi. I think you should try and focus on ONE thing. Either a digital marketer or a trader or a blogger or anything else that interests you. I think you should MASTER one skill set, become the best at it and then earn money through that.


For digital marketingI need contracts from freelancing websites so it’s not a steady source of income, intraday stock trading is volatile and risky, blogging is mainly ad revenue even If I get more views it’s a small sum
As I said in above post I want to make big money lyk 6-10lac per month online or offline& am willing to work hard as am in a really critical and emergency position

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