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I’ve started out online school and I hate it. it sucks. I understand why they would want us to continue studying and learning but they seriously expect us to do homework assignments on some imaginary notebooks that we obviously could not buy, cause obviously we couldn’t buy them. there’s a pandemic going on. We can’t get some notebook or register out of nowhere and take notes on it. And take proper notes that we could stick in our notebooks after quarantine. I’m not saying the school is completely at fault here. but there are certain things that are impractical and do not make any sense at all.

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Hey, i totally agree with you but we cant just sit at home and lie down we need to work and where there is a will there is a way.Online classes are Boring but there is nothing we can do. you cant take a drop year.You cant waste your time.There is nothing we can do about CORONAVIRUS so don’t get frustrated. and take your online classes seriously.Wish you all the best.


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