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I’ve seen many people nowadays are mostly alone with no friends but for me am unable to understand if problem is with me or others…from my high school friends to my collegues, mostly everyone talk to me and we have conversations but when i feel like there is something that i feel like sharing i don’t fnd anyone who is that close to me. Sometimes i felt uncomfortable making friends or speaking to them.

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Hannah @ivyaberdeenfan

I see what you mean. I used to be like that. I finally shared a secret to my best friend about my gender. I felt so much better. You can find a friend or colleague and invite them out for coffee or something fun to help you with your relationship with them. If you can’t, try joining activities and meet new people. Out there in the world is someone or people who can relate to you or help you. You are not alone…ever!!


Thankyou for the support!!..I hope i can find that friend in my life 😊


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