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I’ve realised that I care a lot less about what people do because I’m readier to accept things as they are not just as how I want to see them, or how they are presented to me. That little stitch you get in the pit of your stomach when you’re uneasy about something? Those are your instincts, telling you to get as far away as possible from a person. I think you begin to notice the energy that ties you to the room too, when you just start being honest to yourself. I think for better or for worse that’s what aging really is.

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ageing and growing are such different terms. everybody dies but not everybody lives. and once you realise that, you really stop caring about those that just fucking drain you somewhere, and that’s the way it should be. just let them go, let the negativity go, don’t cut off just let loose and stop bothering after a point because that is exactly what you realise that you can only control your actions


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