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ive posted a few times this morning and im sorry. i need help and answers. i want to get out of my house. my dad and his wife dont understand what they are doing to us. nothing i do is right and one minute i feel like theres hope, we can all be happy and then shes talking about everything i do wrong. i feel fat. i feel guilty for eating, i dont like this. i feel guilty for eating a banana, for eating a sandwhich. i keep thinking about hurting myself and others and i want to make these thoughts leave. i cant die i wont. but i want to. i wish i mean as much to people as they do to me.

Post anonymously?

Dear Anonymous,
You. Are. So. Flipping. Important.
Best of luck.


thank u 😞❤️❤️



You don’t have to be sorry for posting it here end number of times. This place is for writing such things and taking out your emotions. I am sorry that you have to deal with all this alone. But, do you know what? It makes you even stronger than before and you will outshine like never before! :)

Sometimes parents can get irritated and the best thing to do is ignore and move forward. They don’t mean to do this but wants the best for you. Talk to your mom about how you feel and she will understand. Maybe there is a concern which she isn’t showing in front but trying by expression of anger. In that case, Breathe in and out. You will feel calm and composed.


shes my dad wife but yeah if i talk to them im automatically being disrespectful. they dont understand. im not allowed to have my own opinions bc its disrespectful. im not allowed to have any privacy bc im not 18, no closing my bedroom door, no phone calls that they cant hear, no leaving the house, when i have my phone they need all my passwords and go thru my phone whenever they feel like it. i am not allowed to eat without asking bc they say its stealing. its just getting to be too much, ive tried to breath but at this point idk what to do.

Okay, I am listening.
The person you are referring to is your mother, right?

Here is a deal. When they do such things just let them speak. When they ask you to do something. Just do it. When and whatever they tell you, do it. Once they understand that you are listening to them without complaining, there is a possibility that they will understand where they have gone wrong, because everyone make mistakes, right?
Give them that space. Being parents they sometimes tend to force rather than ask in a polite manner. This happens and it will overcome. It will.

You say this to yourself- Abhi inki sunleta hu jab sab thanda hojayega mei inse aaram se baat karunga, thande dimag se.
Then, see it will change.

Feeling any better now?


shes my step mom. and thank u i am feeling a bit better.

Oh okay.

Great to hear that. :)
Whenever you feel this way again, say this to yourself. And with time try to resolve it!