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I’ve liked this girl since August of 2018, it started off just as a small crush, then it got to an obsession, for months I was completely obsessing over her, but in the summer of 2019 it died down a lot. For the whole school year I was almost completely fine, I even almost forgot about her… But recently I feel it could back, I hated sitting in my room crying for hours not being able to just talk to her, and all of that is coming back. We used to be friends, before I realized I liked her. Everyday in school I would give her little mints. I didn’t think much of it then. But I know that someday I’ll be heartbroken from her, she’s out of my league. She’s pretty, REALLY smart, and funny, and I’m none of those things. Plus there’s a possibility she doesn’t even like girls.

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I would like to say accepting things is the most toughest things what I have seen till now .(don’t take me in a wrong way )
Never expect the same kind of relationship from others as you treat them .
See you like her is your feeling she may like you back or may not that’s her feeling , so what ever their answer is u respect and accept it first .
When you will accept it then it will be easy for you to move on .
there might be a possibility that she may not like girls but how do u know that ( only by expressing your feelings )
Expressing feelings is nothing wrong , you are just telling them that what are you feeling towards them .
So go and tell her first then see what will happen
But without expressing your self never assume that it is a “ no “
All the best …!


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