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Kashika @kashika

I’ve had the best time in my high school. I was the head girl, and I was admired and respected by others. I used to work very hard for the school and for my studies despite not attending a single class, and I managed to score really well. I had very good friends (so I thought back then) and it was all working pretty well for me. Then college happened, friends changed, things changed, and I somehow think I’ve lost my previous vigor.

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Afreen @afreen

It’s alright school and college work differently.
I know many people who were toppers in school life and they are no where in college it’s your hardwork and your consistent effort which will take you anywhere in the long run.
School provides every student a protected and home like environment but college is completely different .There will be different kind of people,you have to choose your friends wisely.

Chhavi @chhavi

Its just a phase. It will pass. Don’t worry. Just be yourself.

Khushboo @khushboo

Hi, stay confident and don’t lose yourself. Bring out your potential and you can do better than before. All the best.


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